Saturday, November 13, 2010

A view ...

The worlds separated by the glass worlds melt in this room.

The lean wooden cupboards stand tall, the soft lights in the apartments across the pathway remain unmoved on it. The yellow light, at the entrance of the building opposite to the room, makes the presence of the 'de-leaved' trees felt.Looking a little observantly will actually reveal the last leaf on that branch, still waiting for the wind that will blow it to dust.

Nonetheless, the lamp in the room glows brightly. And, a few notches above, behind the thin film of darkness, caused by the rain-clouds, is a hemisphere of a moon. Little black patches of night imprinted on it, and a fluorescent white light- the light of the burning zeal of the sun, that some call 'life'.

A few miles beyond the glass, a soul is sick of the elements. On the other side of the glass, a strange unnerving sensation creeps up the spine of the phantom of solitude. A few nights beyond this night, the phantom and its soul sunbathe in sunshine-islands.

The lean wooden cupboards stand lean, soft lights smoothen the edges of the lanky towers. The yellow light, hanging at the entrance causes nausea to the insects and humans alike. A few notches beyond the light, across the luxuriating waters, a glowing ball of light fires up the sky. Streaks of colours spread across the sky as an inattentive hairdresser would spread the streaks on your hair. It is strangely nauseating - the colours. 

Some may call that 'life'.

colours of water
Image @ Self, 2010


Sandipan Roy said...

Influenced by O.Henry the piece is nicely drafted.You have mastered the craft,why don't use that to create an identity for yourself reflecting upon the characters and happenings around you that touches the contemporary thread of life.I know the story that harks back in your writing has a universal appeal yet we need new landmarks of literature that captures the pace of modern life and the alienation that it creates in human relationship in spite of the magical innovation the communication technology has made.That is the irony of our times.

Susmita said...

Thank you Sandipan for your suggestions ... will think about it :)

sup said...

- To me, this post, structured almost like a poem in its repetition, is quite abstract by its very nature - a very "personal" and probably transient view about "life". A reader will have to make his / her own interpretation.

- Oporer comment ta pore Antoheen cinema tar kotha mone holo.

Susmita said...

@sup: wow! i am flattered! :)