Friday, November 5, 2010

Puja Chronicles:A memory

On the eve of the festival of lights or Deepabali/Diwali (deep/dia=an oil lamp), 14 earthen lamps are placed on a round tray. We sit and talk about all the trivialities as we make the cotton wicks (solte) by rolling the cotton between our hands. With the wicks ready in the lamps, we vie for the opportunity to pour oil into the lamps. And then we light them. one by one, as the oil-soaked-wick starts being consumed and starts emanating light, I always remember a Tagore song Ei korechho bhalo... where occurs the expression:
Aamar e dhup na porale, gondho kichui nahi dhale 
amar e deep na jalale dei na kichhui alo ...
If I do not burn my incense stick, it doesn't spread its scent 
if I do not kindle my lamp, no light is emanated ....

To be contd.

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