Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Melodies : heard and 're-heard'

does time freeze?
Taking cue from time that is past, from time that created words, time that produced the last blog post is as difficult as one can not imagine. The flow of ideas have passed on to a stream from which this mind is a long way off. Trying to cross the distance doesn’t make sense, since there is much flow in this stream itself.

From managing to pack one and a half years of life into twenty-three kilograms of checked in baggage, to taking out two kilograms from the backpack in front of the servicemen and piling them back once away from their view; from reaching the sweltering, humid hometown and running into its warm familiar arms, to dressing up in the best silks for the wedding at home, getting drenched in the rains and the sweat, staining the sarees with both – phew! life has been busy ever since the last time fingers were put to the keyboard!

Amidst the familiar smells, the familiar loud laughters and unending adda (chat) sessions, the familiarity of the keyboard, the blog-roll, the interaction with you, the social networking sites have been missing. Action in the social arena sapped away all the time one could manage between maintaining the unabashed eight to ten hours of sleep per day, in spite of continuous encouragement from all quarters to improve upon that inappropriate scheme. But that is not what this post was meant to be!