Blogging, but why?

January 2, 2011

I did not think I will add anything new/different to this page after it was created and published. I thought that I have said it all regarding the 'why' of this blog. But, I was not aware of the dimension of this blog till then. Or, rather, I will re-formulate the expression 'dimension' to 'potential'. This post comes at the beginning of a year, a time when new resolutions are supposedly made with the dire hope of living up to them. It is cliched, but on the eve of the new year, I had a clearer view of the 'why' of this blog. I recognised that this blabbering of mine may have a meaning in its madness.

While trying to explain the meaning of 'lustrous' to a fellow diner, she asked, if this blog of mine is about the surface lustre of life (since lustre refers to a surface coating). In her question, she had  led me to know why I blog about the  things I do.

This blog is about looking beyond the radiance of the surface. Our lives are mundane reflections of the expectations that we project out of ourselves. We are never satisfied, never happy, because the source of illumination, the element that can make our life 'lustrous' is always at a distance. We look outwards to find that magic potion that will make our lives worthwhile. This blog began as a personal exercise to look inwards and find that raw, uncut diamond which I hopelessly believe exists in each of us. The truth of the matter is, I blog because I believe, that, if we desire, we can look beneath the surface gloss and shine and can unravel the true self which "outshines the usual " (From Definitions of lustre on the Web).

This blog is about so many different things because this blog is about life- that magic cauldron that has everything you can think of and everything you can't. 


(not dated)

Last week I came across a map (Map 1).It was a very intriguing experience to find a map (although approximating the virtual reality) that aimed to chart the cartography of the world that is there but can not be seen, a world where words come into being and voices are heard, and yet that world is intangible; a world that is the metaphor of the supreme sense of duality - the 'is' and the 'is-not'; the world of the virtual online community network.

Map 1
Trying to locate the community of bloggers, I zoomed into one section (Map 2) :

Map 2
...and I thought : in which part of this blogosphere is "Lustrous Lives" located? I realised "Lustrous Lives" had risen like the lost city of Atlantis from the SEA OF ZERO COMMENTS and is presently hovering over the entire landmass of blogosphere. The posts are at times spiritual, if not religious; there are also posts that are about writing, blogging, poetry; there are posts about people and emotions (at this point Lustrous Lives is at the "Miscellaneous" landmass). And what are all these posts if not my creative diary of the everyday mundane no-spice life?

Thus, though it seems imperative to "successful" blogging (according to some very experienced successful bloggers) that the blogger in question DEFINES the objective of the blog,  it seems impossible to locate this blog in any particular part of the blogipelago in the world of online communities. Though I intended to give a concrete 'scope' of the blog, I am sorry to inform you that the only thing I can say about the 'nature' of this blog is that: it is the outcome of compulsive habits of writing and philosophising. The rest of the markers are yours to choose.

p.s. thank you for your patience to read through the entire crap to find the final obscure cause of blogging :P