Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Calling out to Odysseus

The umbilical cord hangs from the soul
seeking in the flow the flights known,
the songs forgotten
the volcanoes busted and stoned to silence-
the wave , the womb has a forbidden light
that the firefly spies, planning
to jump into the hissing flames
to revive the cosmic volcanoes
and the ancient songs buried in the sea beds

Image: reflection of a painting on a glass case, The Museum of Art History, Vienna


ArijitPaul said...

The accompanying picture acentuates the meaning and the feeling of the poem.

subarnasree said...

that link to antiquity with our precious eyes feasted upon the firefly's imaginative radiance...

wordsnotactions said...


Susmita said...

Arijit ... :)
Subarnasree: wow! that's a beautiful poetic response :)
Yasmeen::) thankyou for reading and loving it :)