Monday, June 7, 2010

Remembering Birth

I ask my mother,

As I count to three:

“Did you find me

Under a tree?”

She stooped across the sea

To light the waves, and

Whispered in my ears:

“I found you in dew, floating

On the waves at my door!”

I grasped her aanchal and

Let out a glee -

“I knew! I knew!

I came from the sea!”

I ask my mother,

As I sit on the swing:

“Did you find me

Blowing in the wind?”

She cuddled the trees,

Kissed the moon, and

Whispered in my ears:

“I found you in

The sun’s womb!”

I grasped her aanchal and

Broke into laughter-

“I knew! I knew!

I came from the sky!”

I ask my mother,

As I hear the bee:

“Did you find me

Floating in the sea?”

She blended the mud

With a drop of ray,

Touched it with passion,

And set it free:-

She took me in her soul

And whispered in my heart:

You are the dream that

I always have had.

You touch my feet

As I stand in the ocean,

And run across the earth

As fast as you can...

I reach out my hand-

You smile at me,

Clicking the leaves

You climb up a tree...

You hide in the sun

As I wait an era,

And the next,

And a few more,

Till you blow

Down the sky

As dew on my shore …


aanchal means

the flowing end of Saree,

an Indian dress for women


written when suddenly felt

the onslaught of images from

Rabindranth Tagore’s Shishu


Nandini said...

This brought tears to my eyes, both a s a daughter and as a mother. Thankyou for making all the wonderful feelings rush to my mind ...

Kaberi Chatterjee said...

Tui likhechhis???? Gawd! It's awesome!!! Usually I don't read poetries since they don't make any sense to me, and more because I think it's a person's very deep personal thought which I should not intrude. But ur poem.. i just red thru before I cud stop myself. Keep writing such poems which lazy ppl like me wud understand. :P

Susmita said...

thank you Nandinidi ...
Kaberidi ... :)