Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nandini ...

There are faces
that shine in the moon,

translucent in peace
with stars on their lips
and flights in their eyes

Some dreams
trickle down

the palm of the soil...

and bring the gurgles near
tumbling over
the conch shell's sphere ...

As honour sheds its darkness
and lust spreads its doom,
As hope springs in flowers

and boats in rainy streams
cross the oceans of silence:
the little beam of soul

steer us back to the moon

... the translucent robes of peace
with tenderness in eyes
a silent hymn they sing ...

can you hear the song?
can you feel it clear?

Photo of The Divine Comedy - Paradise
Canto 8 The Highest Beauty of Beatrice
by Salvador Dali
Wood-cut 1960


Sreemoyee said...


ArijitPaul said...

Hope, despair and dream co-exist in the being. A cliched fact, but difficult to express in words. But well accomplished in your poem.

Susmita said...

thanks Jhups and Arijit ... :)