Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pre-anniversary confession

You never know. You never know what beautiful rock, designed by the river will surface when the river dries 'cause of the dam (reference to this earlier blog post).

That is the beauty of a journey.

one by Susmita Paul
For quite a few months now, this blog has been unevenly maintained. Fellow travellers have queried about its well being. To their queries and to the self-generated queries, the blogger only provided an evasive answer - "Yeah, will be right back!"

When the blogger travelled enthusiastically, with her best friend, to a new continent, she left behind her familiar trajectory of living - a teaching job, dance lessons, painting and her families (plural intended) and friends. She had the option of continuing all but one of these. She could dance and paint and teach anywhere in the world. But, she would not be able to have her families and friends around her, literally that is.

The truth is, that, Lustrous Lives, was born out of this yearning to have the company of family and friends. It is incidental that the writing soul started surfacing in the journey to remain connected with human relationships.

Writing and companionship of her loved ones became inter-tangled in the process. It was all quite peaceful till  the dream to be a professional writer started emerging from the background of life's activities. For a novice, it is difficult to maintain the balance between two equal loves - writing and family (now, the extended family of friends via social networking and this blog).

Lustrous Lives was, thus, not suffering from indolence in the past few months. It was in fact caught in the middle of a war of two true loves.

She knew that the intricate details of writing which she wanted to discuss would not always strike a chord to her Lustrous Lives family. The blogger herself wouldn't be reading an engineer's technical blog even if it was her brother! The balance was going haywire. This led to a steep decline in  writing for this blog family. The decline in writing here was accompanied by an increasing and unbearable amount of guilt for not communicating with her extended family, as she focussed on several other creative writing stuff.

The last thing that the blogger wanted to say was, - sorry, this blog is no longer functioning. Maintaining two different kinds of blog was not her forte either. She had tried it before and ended up merging the 'film blog' with Lustrous Lives. (Click here to read her writing about films). So much for organising!

The opportunity to write about writing at The Unofficial Blog for Brit Writers and Writers Everywhere! created the essential segregation between writing about writing and writing not about writing, minus the need to maintain a separate blog. And, Lustrous Lives survived the familial versus auctorial war! The blogger will continue to post her opinion about everything in life and beyond writing life.

It seems to be a good pre-anniversary omen for Lustrous Lives. The first post appeared in this blog a little more than three years ago. The post was titled "I hope there's a fairy tale in her...". Click here to read the first Lustrous Lives blog post.

And if you are wondering, about the 'why' of the name of the blog, click here.

If you are interested, two posts about writing are up at The Unofficial Brit Writers and Writers Everywhere Blog! Click here and here to read them.

Image: One by Susmita Paul 2012 ; two images taken on the Copenhagen trip with her best friend simply merged.