Friday, September 7, 2012

Learning to breathe - part 4: What life usually has in store is experience

Sometimes when you get tensed, do you feel you can't breathe? Here is someone who does  feel like that sometimes. She imagines the blood rushing through the veins and flowing into the brain, instead of the heart. And then dizziness sets in. Well, it was until she figured it out that all that she needs to do in such circumstances is breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out. And, the heaviness passes, giving way to something that is a brilliant concoction of calm, confidence, excitement and inspiration (Share with me one word for this if you know. truly) .

Well, that is pretty much the thing that happened when the Lustrous Lives blogger found that a blog branch-out of Brit WritersThe Unofficial Blog of Brit Writers and Writers Everywhere! is looking for writers at all spaces and all places. The first thing she felt was exhilaration. The next was dizziness.

When she had breathed in and out, she managed to write and edit and send in her first blogpost for this amazing blog. Click here to read her first blogpost in The Unofficial Blog for Brit Writers and Writers Everywhere!.

She is breathing in and out, right now, as you read the concluding sentences of this post. because she is going to send her second blogpost in to the unofficial Brit Writers supported blog. Ew!