Friday, December 10, 2010

life path

I don't know which wave is rushing towards me
as I carve the wood
fetch the kid,
sew the blouse,
take the red broom out of its box ...

I have a sledge that drives me through the glaciers
as I pick the sparrow,
tie a love around its neck
and flee -
... the clouds in the dreams ...

And yet, I do not know which wave is my guest tonight.

I will wait for it in the woodpecker's hut.

A few sustaining drinks later,
We will walk down the garden path
and climb the stairs to the centre. 

At that era of being,
I will name the wave, christen it
with the dark waters of the cesspool.
Till that elevation I must wait
without knowledge
without wisdom
carving my wood, like Sisyphus in his dreams.

Image: by self; Mytilini, Lesvos islands, Greece 2010. 


SilentWars said...

beautiful! love it and the Sisyphus allegory!

Till that elevation I must wait
without knowledge
without wisdom ...

regards from a very old friend :) ,

Susmita said...

Durdanto obak holam tor dekha peye :) ... thank you Siddhartha :)

SilentWars said...

very interesting blog :) haan i did send u a reply to your email some moons back , maybe tui pasni...and then i found this blog link on my linkedln profile ....byw i see ur in sweden!! gr8 places and then i see this greek beach... u 've been to lustrous places.... soak up the essence and keep blogging ! enjoy!


Susmita said...

thank you Siddhartha ... am mailing u :)