Friday, December 17, 2010

group photo

the tilts, the bends,
the degree to which
the lips must strain,
the gesture that's game.
the snickers pale
highlight the crunch,
the undo-able stretch
achieved in a darn!

it rubs off the skin
the glory, the shine.
they wear a grin
same as the tie

black in the blizzard
yellow like a dime
pink in love
gray to cry

the stunt they need
the spoon they feed
the curl they rear,
the fear of a tear

in the couch
with crackers
a huge teddy bear.

wishes are whims
whispering ally,
smiling in clay
wishes may lie.


Sandipan Roy said...

Brilliant toying with words yet a shroud of abstractness lead the words to obscurities that's the poet's very personal zone.A lot of imageries jostle among themselves to catch the attention which mars the singular identity of the poem.

Susmita said...

grt analysis Sandipan! thank you! to ease the obscurity of idea the title of the poem may give you a direction ... let me know what you think of this approach.
thank you again !