Wednesday, April 14, 2010

odd flights...


sometimes the old wind catches up pretty fast,

no matter if
I am riding the rocking horse
that gives me visions.

On such days,
above the clouds,
the planets hang out
the sun takes a nap, and,
the holy cow flies across the moon.

And then, the pegasus of my vision
shrinks to
the rocking horse,
that once gave me dreams ...

image: detail of a bird, medium: porcelain, @ Szentendre, Hungary


Arindam said...

We scatter seeds with careless hand
and dream we never shall see them more
but for thousand years
their fruit appears
in weeds that mar the land,
or healthful store.
The deeds we do, the words we say
into still air they seem to float;
we count them ever past,
but they shall last, in the dread
judgement, they and we shall meet

Susmita said...